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Genus Paravaejovis
Genus Paruroctonus
Genus Pseudouroctonus
Genus Serradigitus
Genus Smeringerus
Genus Syntropis
Genus Uroctonites
Genus Uroctonus
Genus Vaejovis
Genus Vejovoidus
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Why Study the Vaejovidae?

Classification of the Vaejovidae

The web pages linked to this page provide diagnoses of the family Vaejovidae and its included genera, species groups, and species. The material in this section is derived from Sissom (2000), updated to accommodate the accepted, published literature on vaejovids since 1998.  The basic classification of vaejovids presented herein served as the basis for the REVSYS project, and should not be considered final.  A revised classification, based upon the results of the REVSYS project, will be presented on this site after it has been adequately peer-reviewed and formally published.

     In using this section of the website, one will note that the opinions of specialists on subjects such as the validity of genera, species, and subspecies; the placement of species within genera; and distributional data for species often differ.  In such cases, we have attempted to identify the "last reviser" who has provided well-documented justification for their opinion, typically based on the study of types and other materials. A mere statement that a species is a synonym of another, or the listing a new or old combination without justication, we do not consider to be a revisionary act, and have therefore excluded such statements and listings from this presentation.  Cases of differing opinion are often discussed in the "NOTES" sections of each taxon's web page.

The current count of taxa in the Vaejovidae (excluding the dubious "Vaejovis flavescens" from Brazil) is 10 genera, 157 species, and 35 subspecies (including 15 nominotypical forms).

Family Vaejovidae Thorell, 1876



Genus Paravaejovis Williams 1980 Genus Paruroctonus Werner 1934
Genus Pseudouroctonus Stahnke 1974 Genus Serradigitus Stahnke 1974
Genus Smeringurus Haradon 1983 Genus Syntropis Kraepelin 1900
Genus Uroctonites Williams and Savary 1991 Genus Uroctonus Thorell 1876
Genus Vaejovis
C.L. Koch 1836

Genus Vejovoidus  Stahnke 1974



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